Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunnydale Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ

Whew! It's been a full couple of weeks. We spent 2 weeks commuting from Matt's parents house to school/work in Tempe (about a 30 minute drive, plus traffic!). My last day at work was February 2nd, and then we took a short vacation in Rocky Point, Mexico. It was wonderful to play at the beach, to watch lots of movies, to swim and sit in the hot tub. There are so many details still up in the air, the main one being Matt's visa situation. He is leaving on Friday, but his Visa hasn't been released from Brazil to the Brazilian Consulate (in the states), but we are hoping to get good news soon. Overall, the kids are handling things pretty well. Though as we were entering Mexico, Sebastian asked "where are we going to live?" and we wondered if he thought that we were driving to Brazil, making our big move right then and there!

The kids are spending some special time with Aunt Katie today, Matt is playing his last performance with the Arizona Opera, and I'm considering a trip to the grocery store (always an adventure).

Tenha o grande dia!

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