Thursday, August 16, 2012

uai, uai, uai....

Minas Gerais (our state) is known for the word "uai," which is pronounced "why."  There are  speculations as to the origins of "uai."  Apparently President Juscelino Kubitschek said that it was the abbreviation of União + Amor + Independencia, which was the password for the Inconfidentes back around Tiradentes time.  But most people agree that it comes from the English word "why."  Mineiros would hear English speaking foreigners saying it, and they adopted it.  Why all those English speaking foreigners were abiding in Minas Gerais is beyond me, but that's the commonly held opinion.

And today Mineiros may hear another English speaking foreigner wandering the streets of Belo Horizonte, shouting


It's been one of those days.  Why do people say they will give you an answer on Wednesday, and then when you call them on Thursday they say, "oops, sorry.  Can you wait one more day?"  Why do customer service agents tell you that you will be able to access your account in one hour, when they know it's not true?  Why does the delivery man show up with a delivery 4 days after it was promised?  Why do all the teachers have to talk at the same time at the meeting?  And these are just a few of my complaints today....I'm not at liberty to divulge other complaints to the world wide webs while things are in still in the works....but lets just say I've got a lot to gripe about.

I know it's a bad day.  And bad days happen all over the world.  But I think that dealing with Mineiros will lead to lots of hair pulling, teeth gnashing, expletives and uai.


  1. LIFE is about the questions!! And the ultimate question is WHY????

  2. UGH, I hear you. Here's mine for the day - why did Banco do Brasil start doing international exchange operations only by appointment causing me a totally wasted trip to the bank? When I asked my question the attendent said the lines were too long. Gee, here's an idea - put MORE attendents on foreign exchange transactions!

  3. :-( Sorry to hear that. My gripe was going to this restaurant on Wed called something chopinho or chopp... and they didn't have any chopp there. It's not that they ran out... they just didn't have draft beer to begin with. The food was ridiculously overpriced and portions tiny (I left the restaurant hungry), the waiter was non-existent and when we called him over, rude.. didn't say a word to us at all. Just looked at each one of us to take our order. To everyone else at the table, that was normal. To me, it was rather unpleasant to say the least and I'm not really one to complain. Uai!

    1. No chopp! Yes, you aren't going to get very good service here. But if you go shopping for clothes/appliances/gifts/prescriptions, they will be your shadow and do everything for you. Just different I suppose.