Friday, September 14, 2012

Portuguese homework: O Barquinho

Hi there!  My wonderful Portuguese teacher has given me some homework that I'm enjoying so much, I thought I'd share it with you.  Mostly what she does in class is makes me correct all my bad pronunciation.  And there's a lot.  And she is a stickler.  She doesn't let me get away with it.  Here are some of the words I have a REALLY hard time with

trabalho (that nasty LH combo is really tricky for us gringos)
engatinhar (to crawl, NH is another challenge)
pão (bread, the nasal "ão" kind of sounds like ouuuwwww....kind of)
anything ending in M

and that's just a few.  But here's the homework that I'm liking.  Enjoy some nice music for your Friday afternoon:


  1. Good for YOU, Shelley!! I have no clue what is being said with the music, but it is GREAT! Happy homework, no matter where it takes YOU! You know I always encouraged homework and then FUN, but maybe this is FUN homework!!

  2. I think it is sad when the barquinho crashes into the iceberguinho and DiCapriozinho dies - leaving poor Winsletinha behind.