Tuesday, November 13, 2012

our neighboorhood makes the front page of the New York Times!

My husband is a daily reader of the New York Times (online).  Yesterday, he found an article about a pet shop that's within a 5 minute walk from our apartment! 


Yes, it's a love motel for dogs.  For those of you who don't know about "motels" in Brazil, they are not the same as hotels.  Hotels are for families, places to stay while you are traveling.  Motels are rented by the hour.  For couples.  I've never blogged about them, but you can read about them here, or here.  I'm sure there are other bloggers who have written about this, but I can't find your posts (sorry).  Anywhoooo, now there is a motel for dogs.  So TOTALLY ridiculous in my humble opinion, but it is what it is.  


  1. Bahahahahahahahaha

    And I thought the pet photo studio in town was ridiculous!

  2. Meanwhile the whole city is under water. This kind of thing makes me ashamed of being Brazilian and mineira, honestly. I can't!