Tuesday, June 18, 2013



It is a very interesting time in Brazil right now.  Lots of protests, lots of helicopters, lots of warnings to not go to Centro.  Matt has nothing scheduled at the Palacio for 2 weeks (he's going on a state tour this weekend), so thankfully he is around here.  It is inspiring to see Brazilians joining together to say that they want things to change.  I agree with them!  I love Brazil, and I appreciate so many things about this wonderful country and about living here.  And I think that Brazilians are far too accustomed to putting up with a lot of crap:  corruption, high taxes, super inflated prices, environmental degradation, huge economic inequality.  I realize that I am making it all very simple, but I think it is good for Brazilians to do something, and to see that they can express their frustration.  I just hope that there is some leadership, and movement towards real change.

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