Friday, July 12, 2013


Hooray!  It's winter vacation!  Dora has finished her tests, I finished teaching on Wednesday, Beatrice was given her first semester portfolio (the book that her teachers make to show what she has done this semester), and Sebastian watched 2 movies at school this week (what's the point in trying to learn at school right before vacation, right?).  We have about 3 weeks off from classes, and I'm looking forward to the break.  Matt has a fairly normal schedule, so we aren't doing any big trips.  But I do have some fun planned, so as to not repeat last year's winter vacation.  

1.  Go to the zoo
2.  Go to the artsy-fartsy Festa Junina at Escola da Serra
3.  Go to Inohtim
4.  Visit the Clube to go swimming
5.  Spend a few nights at a pousada (farm/bed-in-breakfast)
6.  Go to Macacos, a small town not too far away that is supposed to be good for hikes and waterfalls.
7.  Go to Serra do Cipo
8.  Celebrate Matt's birthday
9.  Spend time with friends
10.  Take advantage of some of the fun things that are scheduled around the city

I started by eating a HUGE piece of chocolate cake and cleaning out my closet.  So far so good!


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  2. Serra do Cipó! Com certeza!