Friday, August 20, 2010


Today the online thermometer says that it's either 46 F or 42 F outside. Now most of you might think, "that's not so cold..." but you have to keep in mind that we have no heat, no insulation, and single pane windows (and some of them don't close entirely) it can get a little chilly. But thankfully we've got coffee, sweatshirts, and there's always that nice hike to school that warms us up.

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  1. hum we had cold that is COLD at the first of the week - for 3 days. I have a small heater that I move from room to room if I move, and a down bedspread tucked away. Today was bright sun so even though it is cold in the house and in the shade - if I go out and stand in the sun I feel warm for a while.
    the worst is when the wind blows, comes right throught the house... now I have a cold, DRAT.