Friday, October 15, 2010

My experience with the Internet: online shopping

I love the internet. I love how I can find answers so quickly, keep in touch with my family and friends, entertain my children, find recipes, and get obsessive about using recycled materials to make light fixtures. We're a little bit addicted. But at least I've moved past the denial stage, right?

One thing (among many!) that has taken some adjusting to, is the lack of online shopping we've found. As far as I can remember, there are really only two places that we've been able to use the internet to save money, time, transportation, and a frustrated Portuguese phone call: ordering our TV/internet/Phone service, and buying a wedding present for Beatrice's teacher. Here's my internet shopping wish list:

grocery delivery (so far it I think it only exists in Rio and São Paulo)
beauty products (like the BodyShop!)
school supplies
affordable clothing (maybe if I could even just find an actual store for this...)

Anyone have any websites they want to share that would meet these needs? Any helpful hints for online shopping in Brazil?


  1. Shelley,

    Here is a good one for you, they deliver tickets for concerts, movies, musicals, theater Belo Horizonte.

    I will send you more if I find it.


  2. I also found this:

    It shows many food options with home delivery and also WATER delivered to your home.

  3. Shelley,

    You can do your Natura shopping online and I LOVE Lojas Americanas on-line. BEST prices for CDs and DVDs and sometimes clothes, housewares and toys. I think Tok & Stok has an on-line option, the stuff is nice, but a bit pricey. Also, livraria cultura is THE online bookstore. They also have lots of English language titles and is often times cheaper than Amazon, once you factor in shipping. Best of all - FAST. Once I order a book at 9am and it came by 9pm THE SAME DAY. Also, Kalunga has on-line shopping and they are kind of the Brazilian version of Staples. Not that you would, but you can get McDonalds online too :)

  4. I've know Matt's parents for years. Why haven't they signed up as followers? Your posts are great.

    I googled "Where can you do online shopping in Brazil?" and got lots of answers. Too many to copy for you.

    I, too, have a blog: Crumbs from an Old Baguette. I have it because the voice of ancients should be heard.

  5. oops. gave you a wrong address.

  6. Thanks! Just became a follower, and hopefully will get some time to read up. Nice to meet you!