Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thirtheenth Month Salary!!!

Hooray--the first "installment" of Matt's 13th month salary was deposited in our bank account today!! This Décimo terceiro salário is something I'm VERY thankful for, and something I love about Latin America. In addition to his regular December salary, Matt get's an extra paycheck. And we just realized that there is no medical taken out of the 13th salary. Which makes sense, because you can't pay for health insurance for a month that doesn't exist. In addition to this extra paycheck, we will get an extra "bonus" of 1/3 Matt's paycheck to pay for his vacation. I still don't quite understand this, but I guess the idea is that you need a little incentive to really go on vacation. Hooray!


  1. Shelley,

    You have to thank Brazilians in the 80's, they went on strikes and fierce fighting with Government and Corporations in the 30's to conquer these generous rights you are enjoying today.
    I greatly admire that generation.


  2. oops, I meant Brazilians in "THEIR" 80's.

  3. soooo excited for that too, we're buying tickets to fortaleza and then to seattle with it :D