Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portuguese mistake of the day

Big difference between a casquinha

and a cavaquinho

So no wonder people think I´m crazy when I say, "Can you play the ice cream cone?"


  1. hehehe. sometimes portuguese mistakes work to your advantage though---i once called our friend, who is a lawyer, an abacaxi because my tongue got tied looking for advogado, which made me think of abacate, which for some reason made abacaxi come out of my mouth (i think caipirinhas were involved) BUT everyone laughed and thought i was clever because abacaxi means "a problem" so in the end i was a dumb smarty pants :P

  2. Great, great post! In French, I mixed up cheveux and chevaux -- hairs and horses. You'd be surprised how often I had an opportunity to amuse. Your pictures are truly wonderful.