Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Things I Want to Do in Belo Horizonte but Don't

Born Again Brazilian and Rachel in Rio inspired this post.

1. Go hang out at one of the botecos and chew the fat with the neighbors.

2. Eat Rodizio. This is more like a confession. A very, very sad confession. I've lived in Brasil over a year, and I've yet to gorge myself on meat. But we bought a coupon on ClickOn or one of those discount websites, and will be going to Porcão in May.

3. Go to the padaria (bakery) in our neighborhood--in fact, on our street--that is considered the best one in Belo Horizonte. I've been avoiding it because I can't figure out how to go i. It doesn't have your typical door/entrance; there's an intercom. Hmmm...)

4. Get the car washed by the guy that always used to say hi to us last year when we walked to school. I have no idea how much he charges, and I really couldn't even start being intelligent and talking about the car. But I miss seeing him on a regular basis.

5. Wander around the stores and shops on Cristóvão Colombo and Getúlio Vargas.


  1. Go buzz on that Padaria door!! You can do it :D

  2. Can you ask a neighbor or a friend to go to the Padaria with you? Our friend here has been SUCH a huge help to us, just showing us the little tricks to get into places or telling us how things work.

    I posted my own list of five things. Thanks for writing and making me think about it!