Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Portuguese 101

I'm embarrassed to say that just this past week I realized that there was a difference between "último" and "ótimo" in Portuguese. Último means "last," and ótimo means "great". So I've been telling people that my vacation was the last. Wonderful.


  1. In English, it's the difference between "ultimate" and "optimum."

  2. Hi Shelley! I`m a brazilian dating a american guy. I just found your blog and I loved it!
    your misspelling ULTIMO and OTIMO remind of me confusing MEAL and MEAT. learn a new launguage is a constant surpreise! :) good lucky! beijos

  3. hahaha, Meat and Meal. Now I'm getting "Barulho" and "bagunça" confused. Maybe it's because the repair work being done in our bathroom is both...