Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Funny Portuguese mistake..."making off"

As I've mentioned before, I do a little editing of Portuguese-to-English translations.  Today, I encountered a new "mistake."  There are many English phrases that Brazilians borrow:

delivery (I thought that you could use entrega, but delivery is more common)
shopping (referring to a mall)
Hot-dog ==> pronounced "Hotchie-Doggie"
Today I found "making off."  Huh?  Here's the context: " a filmagem do making off da formatura será feita no dia 28 de outubro"  or "the filming of the 'making of' graduation will be done on October 28th."

A google search helped me discover that it's become "making off" in Portuguese.  Perhaps a rather small thing, but something that made me chuckle while I was working tonight.

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  1. I love the hotchie doggie and faceybookie! Making off... ahh hilarious. I chuckle too...