Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rainy day in Belo Horizonte: Casa Fiat de Cultura

It's been raining all weekend.  I managed to get to the mall and get new shoes for Dora (R$65 Converse.  They better last until Christmas).  But beyond that, we've been stuck at home and all getting a little stir crazy.  So we decided to venture out this afternoon and visit a museum.  Back when my sister was here, we went to Casa Fiat de Cultura, but the family hadn't gone yet.   So we went! 

We drove to Praca da Liberdade, parked, and rode in their complimentary van to the museum.  The van usually leaves every hour and 1/2 on the weekends, but be sure to check the website.  Also, I would advise getting there at least 20-30 minutes before departure to make sure you get a space in the van.  It's then a 15-20 minute drive up towards BH Shopping in Belvedere.  It's nice to not have to drive there, because then you can gawk at all the mansions, helicopter pads, and nice cars in Belvedere.  Wow-ee!

Right now they have an exhibit of Roman Sculpture, including some mosaics, frescos and ceramics.  With 2 kids (Dora was at a friend's house), it took us about an hour to go through it.  And for the most part, it held the attention of a 4 year old and a 7 year old. 

A few little things to keep in mind:

1.  It's free!  The van ride is free, and admission is free!  But, you still have to get a ticket.  A free ticket, but you have to wait in line and get one and then show it to the ticket taker.  Odd.
2.  Once you give your ticket, you have to put your bag/purse/umbrella in a locker.  This too is free.  But you aren't supposed to take anything into the exhibit. 
3.  No talking on your cell phone while in the exhibit.  There are lots of guards watching.  They will come and chew you out.
4.  No getting close to the art.  As I said, there are lots of guards, and all they do all day is tell people to back away from the art.  Even the art in glass cases.  So you do have to keep your eye on your kids. 

They have a nice little snack bar at the entrance, which always helps with bribing the children to behave.  We forgot to take the camera (oops), but we had a nice afternoon, and I think we learned somethings too!

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