Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Belo Horizonte!

Belo Horizonte turned 114 years old on Monday, December 12th.  I'm sharing this video not just to showcase this city we call home, but also because there is a shot of the cachaça fountain at the Mercado Central.  I took my sister there in July, and couldn't find it (the Mercado Central is a maze of little shops), and the last time I went I still couldn't find it.  But if any of you readers decide to come to BH, let me know, and I'll find the cachaça fountain for us.


  1. We will probably be joining my husband on a business trip next year to Belo Horizonte. I'll let you know. Would love to see it!

  2. I've visited at the suggestion of Ginger at Flowers and more. She thought your blog would give me a clearer insight into life in Belo Horizonte where my son lives and my grandson will be joining him in March. It certainly did. I've spent nearly the whole day reading through your blog from start to finish. Some things sounded so familiar, others were a revelation. My son started life in Brazil teaching English, too and that is also what he plans for my grandson (my daughter's son, not his, he is unmarried). I will send the link to your blog to my daughter who is worrying a bit about her son's big adventure (he's only 18).
    And will be following you.