Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello from the US!  We're thoroughly enjoying time with family, and hoping that friends in BH are staying dry and safe during all these storms (it's been raining like crazy, with landslides and flooding).  Here are a few anecdotes from our trip so far:

*Beatrice was surprised that everyone was speaking English in the Atlanta airport.
*Matt called the waiting area for customs in Atlanta as "calm sterility."  It was so quiet, so cold, so clean, it was a little eerie.
*Beatrice asked for mango juice on the last leg of our flight.
*Matt almost cheek kissed one of my relatives, and she's not the cheek kissing type.
*Dora is drinking lots of apple juice and eating lots of apple sauce.
*I told the kids many times that toilet paper in the US goes in the toilet and is flushed down.  But somehow little Beatrice didn't quite understand.  After a few days of being at my parent's house, I went in to help her after she went to the bathroom, and I saw her stuffing her used toilet paper into the kleenex dispenser on the back of the toilet.  Eww.

I'm surprised at how easy it's been for the kids to be here.  But like a friend of mine told me today, kids adapt very easily.  And getting to have time with Grandma and Grandpa, cousins and family and playing in the snow is keeping them pretty occupied. 

All for now!


  1. haha! Kevin is having trouble adapting to the different toilet paper rules here too!

  2. HA. That toilet paper thing is quite confusing for my Sophia as well.

  3. The toilet paper thing scares me, I'm not gonna lie.....

    When are you headed back to belzontch?

    Have a good remainder of your visit!


  4. Wait, you can't flush TP down the toilet in Brazil? oops... :-0 I hope I didn't clog anyone's toilet!!