Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Caja Mango

I've been on kind of a fruit kick lately.  It's either write about fruit, or write about the stupid leak (again) in our apartment.  Fruit is easier to deal with.  No surprises.  No not showing up.  No bitter taste in your mouth after confronting so much incompetence.

I found a new kind of mango at a neighborhood market a few weeks back.  Behold, the Caja Manga:
from Brasil Escola

They are little (slightly larger than a kiwi), and they were very green when I bought them.  Our empregada Irene told us that they we should wait to cut them until they look like the picture above, a deep, mustard yellow kind of picture.  She also told us that they are pretty sour, and best used in juices with sugar added.   A little bit of research also taught me that they are pretty stringy, and not so great to eat plain.  I had to wait over 2 weeks for them to change color and ripen.  The smell was really nice, different from a "normal" mango.  The flavor was indeed more sour, a bit more citrus-y.  I did the best I could to cut it into chunks, and then added it to a smoothie with orange juice and yogurt.   Yum!

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  1. Hmm!! Suco de manga. I bought a mango, too, and am not sure how to eat it. Mine is still yellow. I'm thinking of making a "vitamina de manga" by using milk (or condensed milk?).
    By the way, I discovered this place in Chandler called "Lee Lee's". It's an asian supermarket. They have one aisle that's full of Brazilian products. Those drops (adoçante), all sorts of Yoki products, the peanut "paçoquinhas", and (I couldn't believe it) Guaraná Antartica! $1.75 a can.