Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dreams, drug stores and dentists

I've been known to have strange dreams.  I remember once dreaming that President Ronald Regan was performing brain surgery on me while I was "awake."  As a child I frequently dreamed about driving a blue convertible car, while wearing a bandana in my perfectly coiffed, 60s style hair.  I've had some odd Brazil dreams in the past 2 years, but since I'm out of practice of writing them down or sharing them, I usually forget. 

But last night I dreamed that I went to the dentist and he gave me bad news (not surprising, I have lots of problems with my teeth).  I could hardly understand what he was saying (this is also not surprising, since my dentist talks SUPER fast and I have to work really hard to understand him).  But he told me I needed a prescription.  He wrote it out.  I went to Araujo (the drug store).  The pharmacist took FOREVER finding what I needed (again, not surprising).  She then brought me a small container of REACH, green waxed dental floss and told me it cost R$33.  I said that there was no way in h&** I would pay that much for dental floss, and left. 

How would you interpret that?


  1. Maybe you are missing your couponing days and are paying too much for little things in Brazil. By the way if you need floss I will be happy to bring some to you!

    1. Probably true. But I actually stocked up on floss in the states (NOT reach...don't like that kind). But there are some other things i'd take...

  2. The dentist was the devil and with his evil cohort,the pharmacist, they were trying to lure you to commit evil. If you would have followed their strange requests you would have received lots of green slippery money; HOWEVER, YOU realized that the price you would pay, your SOUL, was too high! You told the devil and his cohort the pharmacist, "Get thee behind me!!" and carried on with your fight for the common good of man and global peace!!!Excellent dream!!!