Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

Got a full plate.  We are signing a contract for a new apartment tomorrow!  So, in the next few weeks we are moving!  And I'm finding a new school for Dora (which involves, visiting, tests, paperwork, schmoozing...).  And I've got extra work projects (like teaching kids a song in Portuguese, videoing myself on YouTube, and doing 2 video projects for a Knowledge Fair in a few weeks).  And, then there are all the things that happen in the it's going to be very busy around here.

But for a good cause!  Our new place has doors that close!  Our new apartment is bigger, with 4 bedrooms!  Our new apartment is closer to my work and Sebastian's school, so he no longer will have to spend an hour + each day commuting!  And overall, it's just a much better apartment. 


  1. Yay!!! Good for you! In what "bairro" is it?

    1. Gutierrez, very close to Amazonas and I think walking distance to Luiz's!

  2. How exciting! The new place sounds really promising. :)