Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wonders never cease

Oh, it's SO busy around here.

*We moved.
*I have deloused a child (ew).
*I am SUPER busy at work because there is a big event on Saturday.
*We turned in the keys to the old apartment.  This took A LOT OF WORK.
*Dear hubby is getting ready to go on an international tour with the Filarmonica.
*We are trying to fix some minor issues in the new apartment.  It would nice to not get shocked when using the shower.
*We're trying to find a good school for Dora for 2013.

Things I'm just not going to be able to accomplish:

*Halloween.  It's just not gonna happen for my kids this year.  I don't know how to break it to them.
*A hair cut for me or any of the kids.  I've been trying to get my hair cut for MONTHS.
*Making good arrangements for transportation for the girls to school until the end of the year.  I think I'll be spending about 8 hours a week commuting.  Ug.

But all this wasn't why I'm posting.  This is just the stuff of life.  Nothing really unique to Brasil.  So back to my point.  Yesterday, I saw several things that surprised me.  I would think that after 2 1/2 years in Brasil, it would be hard to surprise me.  But I can still be amazed by this wonderfully crazy place we call home.

1.  A truck full of meat scraps.

Sorry for the gross visual, but it is necessary.  We had to go to the power company to get a copy of our final bill and to prove to the rental company for the old apartment that we had paid everything (even though every month we'd been sending them emails to confirm that we had indeed paid everything).  There was a truck with the back doors open, and it was full of bones, and meat scraps.  Yum.

2.  A boy eating a HUGE chocolate bar at 10:45 am.

While waiting for said rental company to check and double check all our receipts (yes, they had to call the companies to check to make sure we had paid all our bills), I went to the grocery store.   There was a boy (probably 7 years old), waiting for his Mom/Grandma/Aunt to finish checking out.  He was devouring a HUGE chocolate bar.  Gosh, do you think that's going to spoil his lunch?

3.  Live models advertising for a cheap clothing store, in the crosswalk.

 I love the stoplight entertainment in Brasil:  clowns, men juggling flaming bowling pins, people selling candy, cell phone chargers, mosquito rackets, and all sorts of other goodies.  But yesterday was the first time I've seen models using the crosswalk as a catwalk.  There was loud music, and they were striking all sorts of poses.  Now that's something original!

Just when you think I've seen it all, I get a special gift like yesterday.  Thank you Brasil!


  1. The meat in the truck got my attention as the plant that processes 1/3 of Canada's beef has shut down because of E. coli tainted meat. Tonnes of it has been taken to the dump. XL Meats is now being managed by JBS USA, with eight beef plants in the U.S., a subsidiary of Brazil-based JBS S.A.

  2. Can you call and get a hair stylist to come to your house? It should not cost much more than in the salon, especially if s/he is doing more than one head -- one of the luxuries of Brazil.

    LOVE the traffic crosswalk runway idea!!

    1. I would call someone, except I don't have any recommendations. But I did send a message to an expat who is new here, who at one point said he'd do house calls :-)