Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is really just an excuse to post a viral video...

Merry Christmas!  Hope y'all had a nice holiday.  As I mentioned in my last post, we are in the US, having a very UN-Brazilian vacation.  Right now it is -4 C outside, and snowing like mad.  I've been playing with the very large dog in the woods.  I have only been shopping ONCE in the past week.  Today we went roller skating.  And it's been wonderful. 

Yesterday (Christmas) we unfortunately had to call customer service here.  There was an issue with a Kindle, and we had to call  I felt very bad, because it was Christmas morning, and it was so sad to think that someone had to work.  But the person we talked to was VERY helpful, and got things taken care of very quickly.  It was a great experience.  It is always easier calling customer service in a language that you are proficient in.  I've gotten to the point in Portuguese where I don't dread making phone calls, but I have to prepare myself for the many challenges.  Most of the time I feel like it's just me and my inability to understand and be understood.  And then I come across something that makes me feel better.  This is a video from a comedy show that has been popular in Brazil the past year.  It will really only make sense to you if you speak Portuguese, but even if you don't, it might give you a taste of the "challenge" of trying to get things done here (the guy is trying to cancel his phone line), and how funny it is to hear certain names pronounced in Portuguese (like Judith).  Enjoy!


  1. I understood a little bit. It does give me an idea.