Monday, May 6, 2013

out and about

I was out to do some printing this morning (yes, we still don't have a printer, but to be honest, I'm happier to not have to deal with printer issues).  It was a beautiful, clear morning, and I was without the kids, so I could give my full attention to the surroundings.  It felt like a very Brazilian walk, since I saw these things:


A teenage boy holding his Grandmother's hand, out for a walk.  I love how common it is for people to hold hands while out walking, and how often I see boys and young men holding their mom's hand.  My  almost 9 year old son has not adapted to the Brazilian custom, but I always make him hold my hand when we cross the street.  Last week he didn't let go after we had crossed the street, and held my hand for a whole block.  

Oooh, bad picture from the cell phone...

The coconut delivery truck blasting funk music.  For those of you who don't have the "privilege" of being familiar with funk music, I was considering posting a YouTube video.  But my 1 minute YouTube search left me feeling very offended and disgusted, so I will spare you.

Yet another bad picture from the cell...

And a walk in our neighborhood wouldn't be complete with out illegal parking.  Can you see the telephone pole at the left of the picture?  There is a no parking sign on it.  And you can see 4 cars parked illegally in front of it.  What is harder to tell, is that the first car is a POLICIA MILITAR car.  The police officers were parked there, while getting ice cream cones.  It's really no wonder that 82% of Brazilians think it is easy to break the law, and 54% see little reason to follow laws.  But I had to just chuckle to myself, and enjoy the blue sky and this crazy, complicated, wonderfully frustrating place that we live.  


  1. Treasure hearing about Sebastian holding your hand, Shell!!

  2. By chance I saw your comment about illegally parked cars. But it seems to me that the board may indicate the end of the ban. If you get close you will see that among the prohibited parking spaces should always have a sign indicating the start of the prohibition area and indicating the end of the prohibition area. Perhaps, in this case your comment, there is an injustice. The board may simply be a picture showing where the ban ends. Therefore, the four cars mentioned by you, including the police car, were legally parked.
    Finally, a police car, ambulance or fire trucks (fireman) while on a mission (rescue, security, medical care), are allowed to seasonal anywhere.

  3. Hi Ricardo. Yes, from a distance it looks like what you are saying. But it's actually a sign that says "inicio" because it's really a right turn lane. This area has been a source of much frustration and discussion in our family. Cars park here illegally because there is a shortage of parking and not enough policing. and it is possible that the police car "working". But I'm pretty sure I saw the officers eating ice cream. But on a positive note I did see BHTrans giving out tickets in this location on Friday. Hooray!