Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Updated list of blogs I follow

I FINALLY got around to updating my blog list.  If you'd like me to add yours, please send me a message.  These are the Brazi related blogs that I enjoy reading, that appear to still be regularly updated.  I am thinking about making a list of blogs that have specific information for moving to Brazil (since that is the email request that I got most often, as in "can you tell me how to get a job?"  Or "can you tell me what it is like?"

But that is too much work for a holiday, so it will have to wait.  Happy Workers Day!


  1. Yay! I was included. This is the beginning of my online Gritty empire. I can just feel it.

    1. Just be careful you don't cross the bad joke threshold. I'd have to remove you if there are too many puns.

  2. Include mine, please! Someday I'm going to update it... :-)