Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Brazilian Independence Day

We just finished up a great four day weekend: swimming, a trip to Mangabeiras Park with a friend from Sebastian's class, a trip to Serra do Cipo, and today we hosted a BBQ at our house. It was a very relaxing weekend, and I will hopefully be putting up some pictures and details about our trip to Serra do Cipo. Not only is it back to the reality of work and school tomorrow, but Matt left tonight for what he is calling the "Filarmonica Fantastical Magical Mystery Tour." He'll be gone for 13 days, performing in Salvador, Recife, São Joao, Natal, Fortaleza, Belem and Manaus.

Me, on the other hand, will be continuing my on-going walking tour of Belo Horizonte.

But seriously, I'm missing him already, and really hoping that things go smoothly the next 2 weeks. The kids were tired tonight from running around and swimming, but I could tell that they were also a little anxious, missing daddy. I'm hoping that I can find some inner calm and strength, and that despite Matt's absence, we have a fun, "living in the present" couple of weeks. And almost on cue, there goes Beatrice, doing her nightly "cry for no reason".


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