Sunday, September 5, 2010

So I really should be grinding peanuts

We're trying to conserve peanut butter, so I've resorted to food processing peanuts to try to tide us over. We give the kiddos peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their "lonches" everyday, so we have been quickly working our way through the 9 pounds that we had sent to us (thanks Grandmas and Grandpas!!!) Plus I found out that our helper loves the stuff, and I think she was secretly sneaking spoonfuls :-)

But I'm not grinding peanuts, because I got SO excited that this humble little blog was mentioned in a meme game. Then I had to add my the brazil blogs that I read (don't worry, I read a lot more than that; I just couldn't list them all!) and then look at all the features on checking the blog's stats, and read about 5 more extra blogs. Ah, the things that get me excited and distract me from doing the things that would help life go a little more smoothly tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to Serra do Cipó! I really don't know much about it, except that everyone who finds out I'm going says, "oh, it's so wonderful." I know that it's a few hours outside the city, and there are waterfalls. I'm just excited to do a little day trip and to get to spend time with a friend. I'm taking the fun new camera with me, so hopefully before too long I'll get some pictures posted. My hubby is leaving on Tuesday night for a 13 day tour, so I might actually do a little more posting during that time. Maybe I'll have my own little "13 day tour of blogging". Hmmm, nice idea.

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  1. you could uh, grind a R$7 pack of paçocas :P maybe they wouldn't be creamy enough. i used them in a cupcake frosting as "peanut butter frosting" but blendered it was a little bit more oil to make it creamy before adding the powdered sugar. 9 lbs of peanut butter is a lot! i just got a box full of mapple surup :)