Sunday, September 19, 2010

Suco de manga

I don't usually buy juice here, because it has SO much sugar in it. But Matt is still gone, and sometimes the little things can make kids happy. And I learned something from the juice box! It's in Portuguese, but I'll translate (I'm getting pretty good at translating written Portuguese).

"Mango is originally from India, and was brought to Europe by the Portuguese, who learned of the fruit from their maritime expeditions. Mango is the most consumed fresh fruit in the world. In Brazil, several types are marketed: Palmer, Tommy and Haden, having less fiber and more flavor, and the classics, Carlotinha, Rosa, Espada and Bourbon."

I bought a Haden at the sacalão the other day, and I have a new student that said that he will bring me mangoes from his hometown next time he goes. Yum!


  1. who would have thought :)

    i dont buy boxed juice either. after living with my mother in law who made fresh juice everyday i realized it actually was easy though i always thought it to be more trouble than its worth. the only juice i actually buy is the concentrate bottles, and i only use those for cocktails :P

    are you an english teacher?

  2. My new favorite is the Soy/apple juice. Soja Maca. I was avoiding it because my fiance really doesn't like the soja juices and I had it in my head it would be weird, but my friend talked me into trying it. Yum!

    I've spent the afternoon reading your blog, and smiling and nodding my head in agreement at so much of it! I've been visiting Brazil regularly for two years and just moved here on the 1st of August. What an eye opener and a great adventure, right? I am loving it.

    Tchau for now,

  3. I cannot not stand the boxed juice here! Bleh! I feel my teeth dissolving upon contact.

    That said, the abundance of fresh fruit juice is one of my absolute favorite things about Brazil. I am absolutely crazy for passion fruit! OMG! Greatest thing ever!