Thursday, December 2, 2010

A nice day...

We finally got our package from my mom--hooray! We'd kind of given up hope, so it was such a nice surprise to get a big jar of peanut butter, birthday cards, tee shirts, books, coffee, and Body Shop goodies (thanks Mom!!)

Matt also shared with me a cute thing that Bea said this morning. He heard her waking up, and went into her room to go get her. She usually gets up herself, so he asked her if she wanted to stay in bed a bit longer. She said, "no Dad, I have to get up to see Brazil!"

I'm getting excited to have some visitors for our vacation, and "seeing Brazil" with them. We're planning a trip to Jaboticatubas, perhaps another trip to Ouro Preto, a vacation in Rio, and more. Only 2 more weeks until I'm entirely officially on vacation!!!

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