Friday, February 11, 2011

What's up here...

The hubby is in the US on "business" so I'm flying solo here. So, what's up?

-looking for a new faxinera/baba. I see a post coming on how to hire domestic help. Because I've made some mistakes in this area, and I've learned a lot!

-successfully drove to a place called Alphaville today for my job. Taught a few music classes. Was nice to drive outside of the city. And I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable driving.

-called 190 (the police) to complain about the illegal burning that was going on at the empty lot behind our apartment. The police said, "have you spoken to the people burning?" My husband went down and spoke to them and they stopped! Hooray!

-we have 2 birthday parties this weekend, a 6 year old boy spending the night, Dora is at a friend's house, and Beatrice is supposed to have a play date with a new classmate tomorrow. The kids have such a busy social schedule!

-I'm really liking my work schedule so far this year. I decided to save a day for myself, so I could schedule appointments, catch up on work, run errands, and so on. I think I'm really going to enjoy it.

That's all for now! I'm thankful it's not as hot as Rio here, but I must say it's warm. In fact, I just heard someone jump in the pool (it's 8:40 pm and totally dark outside).



  1. Oh, can't ask me for help on interviewing help! I've never learned to do it correctly!

    Good job with the list! You rock!

  2. Did you pass Jardim Canada on your way to Alphaville? Isn't Alphaville just too perfect with Rua Diana?