Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday afternoon walk in the neighborhood

I went out for a little walk this afternoon, trying to soak up the sun (it's been unseasonably rainy and overcast this fall) and get a little exercise.  While (successfully) attempting to avoid the dog poop, I saw a few things that caught my attention and I thought were worthy of mentioning here.  I realize it's been a little slow on the "blog front" recently, but hey.  You are here.  You are reading this.

1.  Quail eggs on sale!  One of my favorite little corner grocery stores has a sale on quail eggs.  I don't know the usual price, but this week they are R$1,99 (USD $.98).  Quail eggs are very popular here, especially hard boiled and served along with lunch or in a kind of herbed salad with onion and olive oil  and vinegar.  I first had them at a Self-service restaurant (a restaurant where you pick what you want and pay for it by the kilo).  Sebastian and I are the only ones who like them, but I don't think we'll have any problem finishing off 30 little eggs in a few days time.

2.  Dog booties.  You wouldn't want your little schmoopy poopy lap dog to get it's cute little paws dirty and then bring that horribly yucky dirt from the rua (street) into your pristine apartment.  So of course, you have dog slippers!

3.  Two new lançamentos (announcement regarding a new building project) for new luxury apartment buildings.  Alto padrão!  Lazer completo!  There is so much building going on right now, it's nutty.  And even though there are LOTS of apartments for sale right now, apparently there is still a market for new, bland looking apartment buildings. 

Off to take my allergy medicine.  It turns out that my sore throat and general lethargy are due to some allergy that I've acquired.   I never would have guessed that, but it's nice to know that I don't have an infection or some kind of weird throat growth.  Tchau!


  1. Are they serious with NEYMAR on that advertisement? I've seen other crazy apartment advertisements with Ivete Sangalo, and one with Gisele Bundchen.

    I guess if you live in that building you'll be a soccer star!! =0

  2. I found the ad online...I think it's for a place in São Paulo...but it's the same kind of flyer that you see all over the place....littering the sidewalks, being handed out at the stop lights...

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  4. Hope Dana can find some dog booties for Titus...I'm trying to picture it!! I'm picturing Kodie with the dead evergreen wreath around his neck and some camo type booties!! Thanks, Shelley, for the creative ideas I'm getting!