Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sick day

I woke up this morning and decided to take a sick day.  A well deserved sick day, I must say.  I've had a very sore throat for over a week.  Normally I would just suck it up and head to work.  But I'm a music teacher and my voice just needs a rest. 

Plus, I've just been downright exhausted recently.  I just finished the 2012 season of the Kelzenberg Kids birthday parties.  I had a lot of fun, I think the kids felt loved and celebrated, but it took its toll on me.  So today is going to be a much needed day of R and R.  What am I going to do?

1.  Go see a movie at the theater.  And buy a fountain drink!  Ah, the luxury!!!
2.  Eat a mango.  A whole mango.
3.  Play Mario Cart with my kids.
4.  Not do any dishes!  (Irene is coming today, hooray!)  Nor will I do any laundry.
5.  Finally take a look to see what is on the Kindle, and start reading something.
6.  Dream about some vacation time in July.  My husband has to work pretty much the entire month, but the kids and I have off 2 weeks.  Some planning is in store.
7.  Drink lots of tea, lime juice and honey.

Here's to getting healthy!



  1. Wished I could have been there to fix you tea & honey...didn't know about the lime juice. Help take care of the kids and in general, give YOU a break.....seems not fair I can give Dana some breaks but not YOU! Get better! Love, Mom