Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Oh my.  It is hot.  I've always told people that Belo Horizonte is the San Diego of Brazil.  The temperature generally is around 75 degrees.  But this past week has been miserable.  It's been hovering around 30º Celsius/86º F, and we had rain last week, so it's been horribly humid.  The thermometer may say 85º, but it feels like 95º.  Keep in mind that air-conditioning is very rare.  There are some stores, the mall, the movie theater, some university classrooms and some cars (thankfully ours!) that are air-conditioned.  But for the most part, we just have to suffer through it.  Fans help a bit, but really, everybody is just sweating profusely.  

I'm NOT looking forward to going to work today.  First of all, I have to walk uphill with my backpack full of supplies.  I'd drive but parking is impossible, and besides, Matt is taking Sebastian to his futsal (soccer) practice.  Then I get to teach 3 classes of about 20 preschoolers in the morning, and then 3 classes of 20 preschoolers in the afternoon.  The classrooms are upstairs, and essentially saunas.  My classes involve dancing/jumping/stomping (think, "what do 4 year olds really like to do?").  But these 20 preschoolers are hot and grumpy, and so they tend to not want to follow directions and cause all sorts of discipline problems.  So imagine me with sweat pouring down my legs, hair all frizzed out, trying to herd a class of hot kids.



  1. I envy you not.
    I think I have a solution to your problem though. I googled "horta comunitária Belo Horizonte" and found the following results - linked at the end of this message - very interesting.
    My mantra is plant your own food using child labor while supervising under an umbrella whilst enjoying cold lemonade. Get those rug rats to do some work!


    1. Thanks! Will look up the sites. And I totally believe in child labor. I don't do dishes at night, and I NEVER take the trash/recylcing out. hehehe