Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tired, but don't think I'll be sleeping soon...

due to the fact that there are TWO rowdy parties happening within our "general" neighborhood. General neighborhood meaning within one mile radius. When we were walking home from Mangebeiras Park, we heard the first one. I've heard that Brazilians enjoy loud music, and parties provide the perfect opportunity for loud music and enjoying people (two of Brazilians favorite things). But it sounds like there is a concert happening right outside our window--crazy!

Kitty is here, a little traumatized by leaving mom and dad, but not meowing incessantly. He doesn't have a name yet, but hopefully by tomorrow. Beatrice is just diving right into pet ownership, smothering him with love. Sebastian likes to watch him in his little travel "cage", and Dora, well, Dora is giving him lots of space. I'm kinda surprised at Dora's apparent lack of interest, but I'll take it as obeying my wishes (I gave them a "talk" before the kitty arrived). He's cute, and Matt really likes him. I don't know if he's eaten or peed since he arrived, but he hasn't jumped out the window yet. And the wonderful thing is that his previous owner said that we have to come over to her house sometime, and she said that she would give me any new English students that come her way (she's an English teacher). She also said that she'd be willing to help us out on the school front--hooray! Matt posted pix on Facebook, but I might try to throw some pictures up here tomorrow. Boa noite.

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