Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Matt was home yesterday afternoon, and I had the opportunity to go out walking in our neighborhood without children. I wandered up and down some of the local streets, enjoying looking at the people, the architecture, and this beautiful new place. Sometimes I feel like I'm back living in the Pacific Northwest (Puget Sound area, to be precise), because of the narrow streets, the cute houses, the clouds and rain, and the damp smell. I also got to go shopping at the local market, buying two different varieties of bananas, mango, tomatoes and potatoes. There are lots of different kinds of produce, but I'm taking my time in trying different things for a couple of reasons. First of all, I don't usually know what it is, and I don't know how to cut/prepare it. Secondly, I'm still in american grocery shopping mode. I was REALLY into getting things dirt cheap in Arizona (coupons!), and it's hard for me to shell out more money here. Plus I think that we haven't figured out where to shop where things are inexpensive (perhaps the Super Nosso Gourmet is not the best place to buy yogurt? I think it's like Whole Foods in the states). And I'm still thinking in cost per pound. Matt pulled out the calculator this morning to help me figure out how much bananas are here (.99/kilo = .25/lb). I probably just need to start thinking about everything in kilos and reals, but it's another element of transition, and trying to make sense of my surroundings. It just takes time.

I went to an expatriate book club meeting with the hopes of getting some tips on finding some work teaching English, and I had a fun time! I did meet someone at the American School who offered to help me out. I also scored us a kitten. Dora has been wanting a pet for a while, and LOVES cats, so one of the things we offered was to get her a cat once we got to Brazil. One of the women at the meeting randomly asked if I wanted a cat, and next thing I know she's showing me pictures of her cats, grandkids and family on her Iphone. Matt has a concert tonight, and then five glorious days off, so I think we'll take the plunge and become pet owners within the next few days.

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