Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tommy Mango

I love mangoes. I love, love LOVE them. I told Matt some time back that someday I would like to live in a place where I could eat mangoes everyday. And little did I know that Brazil would be my future home. I haven't had a mango every day since I've been here, probably more like once very three days. But I'm moving towards my daily dose. Today I ate something called a Tommy Mango. Very very good. Had to hold myself from eating the whole thing. These are what are for sale at the market across the street. I've heard people say that there are lots of mango trees around, and they actually can be quite dangerous when the mangoes ripen, making very large dents in cars as they come falling down. I'm hoping to go to Farmer's Market on Saturday, and hopefully get some really fresh, really cheap, local produce. Yum!

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