Friday, March 19, 2010


Not the greatest day. Had a great time with Paula and kids at the Parque Municipal, but then got on the wrong bus coming home, and was 1 1/2 hours late, with no way to contact Matt. Poor guy was worried sick. And the kids were so tired and hungry by the time we got home. Not fun at all. Then I let the homemade bread cook too long (no timer, no temperature on gas oven). And I'm trying to be good and do my Rosetta Stone Portuguese lesson, but it keeps telling me my pronunciation is wrong. Duh! I feel like moving abroad as made me dumb, and blown my logic and judgment to the wind. As my expat sister said, transition (especially into a new country) is never easy. And as Beatrice says, "the sun will come out, tomorrow!"


  1. Hope you are having a much better Saturday! Your blog is now on my Saturday blog reading list--I'm enjoying your stories. Love you!

  2. PS I don't know if my real name shows up anywhere with my comments so just to let you know "hephzibah" is Megan Krischke.