Monday, April 19, 2010

All of the sudden, we have things happening!

We've been doing a lot of waiting here over the past 7 weeks or so. A lot of talking to one person to try to find a solution to a given problem, and then finding out the that we're talking to the wrong person. Or the person doesn't understand anything we're saying. Or there are five more steps than we realized. And so on, and so on. However today was different! Oh you crazy April 19th, you!

I had an interview last Thursday at an English school, and was told that I would receive a phone call back that day. I didn't get a call back, so I thought, "it wasn't meant to be." Today I got an email that I was offered the position. I'm still not 100% committed, because they haven't told me what the salary is, but they are trying to woo me by offering more classes, and a bus pass. So I'm going tomorrow to meet in person and hash out the details.

"But who is watching the kids?" you ask. Well, the kids are enrolled in school.

Let me repeat: the kids are enrolled in school, and going to school tomorrow!

I visited a local private school this morning, to see if I could negotiate tuition with them, and after about 10 minutes of going back and forth, the director said she wanted to go check a few things. We went to the financial department, and found out that there are no openings in Sebastian's grade. Well! Too bad they didn't tell us that weeks ago. So, by default a decision is made: the kids will be going to Escola da Serra. I went to visit today, and give Dora and Sebastian a tour (only Bea had visited before today). The director there gave me a hard time because I didn't come back after my first visit, but he's very welcoming and accommodating. The kids really liked it, and I was ready to have them start on Thursday since Wednesday is a holiday, but the director insisted that the come tomorrow. So, tomorrow at about 12:30, I will hike up the Rua do Ouro with three kids to their first day of school in Brazil. They seem to not be as nervous as I thought they'd be, especially considering that their Portuguese is still VERY limited. But they are kids, and they are smart, and they will get it. And they will be speaking Portuguese in no time at all.

Ate mais!

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  1. This is so exciting Shelly! I can't wait to hear more about the kids' school adventures & your (possible) new job. Take care!