Friday, April 16, 2010

A glorious afternoon

After much debate, and a cancellation, we hired a baby-sitter to come over for four hours today. The kids first reactions was, "but she won't speak English!" We prepped them with some helpful phrases, but the moment Terezinha walked in the door it was love at first sight. She kept oogling over the kids, and hugging them and touching them and loving all over them. Beatrice immediately fell for her, and Sebastian in his "I'm too cool to like you" mood said that he kind of liked her. And Dora got to practice her Portuguese. And me? Well, I had sore feet when I came home because I booked it all over the neighborhood and got A LOT done! Here's my list (it makes me feel good to list it):

1. Found again that Google Maps has false information, and there is not an English school five minutes from our house.
2. Found an English school about 20 minutes uphill from our house that was not open.
3. Found a $350 R couch at a store close by that might be worth buying.
4. Found another English school, and got phone number to call.
5. Went to the grocery store. By myself. That alone would make this afternoon all worth it.
6. Went to the fruit/vegetable store.
7. Went to another English School and got the email address of the person to send my resume.
8. Went to the private school by our house to see if I could talk to the Director about getting a discount if we teach some extra classes there. Three kids at a private school is a tad bit pricey! I didn't get to talk to the Director, but scheduled an appointment for Monday.
9. Went to another private school to get information on books, uniforms (we have to buy those, including uniforms and books for Beatrice!). Also got info on what they need to enroll the kids.
10. Went to the papeleria that sells items for said school. Met someone who is interested in private English lessons. Exchanged contact information.
11. Purchased two DVDS, and talked the guy down $1R

And all this in four hours! Phew! But I came home and the kids were happy, the dishes were done, the floor were clean, and the kitchen was spotless. A very good day. Now I'm off to make Waffles that we can enjoy with our syrup for Saturday breakfast. Boa noite!

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