Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just to clarify: cantina

I've heard that some folks were confused by my choice of the word "cantina". Cantina is portuguese for "Canteen" which is like a little snack shop. No alcohol served. Not even to adults.

This also provides me the opportunity to explain meals and eating in Brazil. Most Brazilians eat a smaller breakfast, consisting of bread, perhaps cheese and meat, and coffee. Lunch is the major meal, and people really enjoy lunch here. Several courses, followed by dessert and coffee. Later in the afternoon, Brazilians will enjoy a snack of pão de quiejo (yummy cheese bread, gluten free! made with manioc flour) or some kind of fried pastry, coxinha, or one of many other yummy kind of snacks. Dinner is usually pretty simple (sandwiches, bread) and late. We eat with the kids at about 7:00 or 7:30 pm, but most folks eat at 10 pm, and from what I gather, go to bed.

I'd love to post more about my English classes, or our recent adventures in shopping, Miguel (the handyman that we occasionally see working around our apartment building) and the status of the elusive cell phone, but I've got to dishes. And get some things ready for tomorrow. So more later!

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