Saturday, June 12, 2010

I don't think I knew what the World Cup was before I moved to Brazil...

I have to admit it. I really don't follow sports at all. And 6 months ago, if asked about the World Cup, I probably would have said "the thing you win for hockey?" But a craze has hit Brazil: there are green and yellow streamers everywhere, cars with flags, green and yellow jewelry, and horns. Lots of horns. The funny thing is that the first game in which Brazil is playing isn't until Tuesday! My Tuesday English student asked if we could reschedule so she could watch the game (she is not a soccer fan; she only watches the World Cup games). And I've been told that if I need to go anywhere that night, I should give myself an extra hour, because after the game is over traffic will be crazy. If Brazil wins, the streets will be impassable, and if Brazil doesn't win...well that won't happen! The kids' school will be showing the game in the school auditorium (i.e. who can try to study during the fun!), and I've been told that all stores and services (except maybe the bus) will shut down. I'm actually pretty excited to watch the game--I still know almost nothing, but who can help but get caught up in all the excitement!

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