Saturday, June 5, 2010

Firetruck spotted

I have an English student that lives my the Fire Station in Savassi, and on one occasion I was walking by and happened to peek in through a door. I saw a HUGE, beautiful swimming pool and a couple of people swimming. The next time I walked by the fire station, I heard a brass band practicing. At Dora's birthday party, I asked our Brazilian friends about the fire station, and told them what I had encountered. They said that the Bombeiro's swimming pool is one of the best places for kids to learn how to swim. And they said that yes indeed, the fire fighter's have a band. Apparently they have to have something to keep them busy. You see, almost everything here is built out of concrete block, so there are rarely any fires of significance. And I thought about it, and I've seen ambulances, police cars, but I hadn't seen any firetrucks. Until Thursday! Matt and I went to Patio Savassi to recharge his lunch card (the orchestra provides a lunch card, but he has to go to a little machine that can be found in rather random locations to recharge it to make sure it has the total credit on it). While walking there, I heard a strange siren, and turned and saw this:

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