Friday, June 11, 2010

Corn ice cream

Matt and I got a few hours together yesterday, and we went to a local Sorveteria (ice cream store--I still have a hard time calling ice cream sorvete. Just doesn't feel right to me). I was hoping for several exotic flavors, but they only had Milho Verde, or Corn Ice Cream. Of course I had to try it, and I must say it was very good! I'm looking forward to trying avocado ice cream, and some of the many new fruits we've heard of here.

We are going to our first Brazilian wedding tomorrow! Bea's teacher is getting married, and so we have been spending lots of time getting ready. Weddings here are BIG events, and so heels, long dresses, and painted nails are all in store. We also had a successful venture buying a gift online for the bride and groom. They had a registry, we were able to find it (of course, after trying every possible combination of last and middle names possible!), find a nice gift and have it delivered for only for $4.50 R (that's about $2.50 with the current exchange rate). And it arrived! The next day. Maybe we should hire the shipping department at Lojas Americanos to take care of some of our other problems that are taking forever to get resolved--like getting my credit card, fixing the ignitor on the oven, getting the broken window in the bathroom fixed...

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