Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The first weekend in July, some friends invited us to take a day trip to Inhotim. Like Matt said, it really was a perfect day. It was fun to borrow their car and get out of the city. How would I describe it? It's a big park/nature preserve/modern art exhibit. There are some HUGE installations, lakes, lots of swans, beautiful landscaping and flowers, and great food. It's a really great place for kids too, because you can pick and chose what you want to see, and there are plenty of bathrooms, places for snacks, and places to sit. In fact, it's very kid friendly. Our favorite pieces were the Red Room, and Forty part motet by Janet Cardiff. This artist individually recorded the voices of a choir singing a Thomas Tallis piece, and then project the sound from individual speakers. It was a really beautiful experience. And of course, the pictures!

Orchids--they need no soil, aerial plants!

Cute kids

Dora, Sebastian and me taking in the beautiful scenary

I think this is an avocado tree!

Tired mama and Bea

Black swan

Matt was brave to get so close to the swans...

Dora sitting in one of many benches made from huge tree trunks

A work of art--look at those eyes!

One of the paths, Luisa and Laurina in the background

Don't remember this one...an upside down boat in the middle of a bunch of trees?


Dora and Laurina

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