Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pineapple: Giving Mango a Run for It's Money

I bought a pineapple at EPA. It's the cheapest grocery store within relative walking distance, but not always the best quality. I've not purchased much produce there, because I usually go to the Sacalão/market across the street. I finally got around to cutting it up tonight.




It's really really really yummy. I think my last experience with pineapple made me a bit jaded. It was a Saturday morning, and I think Matt was either on tour or working, and I decided to go to the bread store down the street and treat the kids to something yummy. Unfortunately they were not on their best behavior (hard to believe, I know), and after several attempts to discipline them, I had to pull out the "you've lost your treat" line. Needless to say, they were VERY unhappy. But the funny thing is that I think it worked, because I haven't had many problems with them while shopping since then. Anyway, we were walking home, all weepy and grumpy, and I came across the pineapple truck. Someday I will take a picture and post it. It's almost always parked down the street, and covered with pineapples. Well, I used my feeble Portuguese to ask the price, and like a dumb American, accepted the price at $4R. He handed me a pineapple for inspection, and I said, "sure" and we were off. I got home, and noticed that I had a most puny, old, practically molding pineapple, and when I cut it up, it was not good. Not horrible, just not what you'd expect for a pineapple from a truck at the side of the road in Brazil. Plus I didn't play by the Brazilian rules and negotiate and make small talk, and ended up paying way too much. So that made it taste even worse.

But this EPA pineapple has reminded me of the goodness that a pineapple can be. Yum.

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  1. I buy pineappels from the street vendors - just don't have them clean them for you - yuk who knows where their hands have been. I make pinapple / strawberry jelly - both fruits grown in the Nova Friburgo area. Pinapple here are the best I have ever had anywhere. in compensation is inpossible to get good cherries - imported they are something like R$20 for 250 gr. and are usually past prime.