Friday, July 23, 2010

Keeping busy during feriados

We've just finished the first of two weeks of feriados (holiday), and it's been pretty good so far. Matt has been working lots, and we celebrated his birthday last Tuesday. AND I got to go out at night for the FIRST time since moving to Brazil. Our wonderful neighbor Thaisa and the teaching assistant in Bea's classroom offered to watch the kids. He had a concert on Tuesday night, so I finally got to go to a concert, and then we went out for pizza afterward. Very fun. I've also been working teaching one student during the break, but she's a three times a week student, so it's kept me occupied. But in terms of fun with the kids, we've planned some good things. We went to a barbecue at some friends house last Saturday. We went to Mangabeiras Park again on Wednesday, and stumbled upon a bunch of free activities: face painting, balloon animals, trampolines and games. Today we tried to go watch Shrek at the mall, but I had some problems understanding the schedule, and it turns out that the only subtitled movie was showing at 9:00 pm (everything else was dubbed, and we're not quite ready to take in entertainment in Portuguese yet). Instead we just hung out at the mall, ate ice cream cones, finally changed the last of my $35 dollars to reais, played Barbie/Hotwheels at a "Holiday" activity center, ate at Applebee's and did a little shopping. That's all for now!

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