Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visiting the Planetarium in Belo Horizonte

A few weeks back I took the kids to the Planetarium of the Praça da Liberdade. There is a nice museum on floors one thru three, and on the 4th floor is the Planetarium. It opened just a few months ago, and is a great experience for kids and adults. Bea (age 3) even managed to sit thru it. Mostly. And the nice thing is that it's free! Here's the website

Afterward we went to a nearby pizza place to try to catch the US versus...uh, don't even remember now. We went to Pizza Sul to watch soccer. Great pizza! Plus we ordered a desert pizza, a chocolate strawberry with ice cream on top. For the 7 of us (I went with friends of course) I think it came to about $90R. Enjoy some pictures!

Sebastian REALLY liked the desert pizza. For some reason we have a lot of these "dirty face" pictures of Sebastian...

Dora wanted me to take a picture of her hanging on the lamp post. Notice the pretty pink flowers on the tress in the background. This is in the Praça, a great place to hang out, and they usually have free events here.

Dora in the Museum, in front of a background picture of Ouro Preto.

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