Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another holiday!

I don't know if Brazil really does have more holidays than the US, or if it just seems that way because we are not familiar with these holiday. Whatever the case, I like days off! Today we were supposed to go to the Museu de Historia Natural to see the Presépio do Pipiripau (a nativity scene that I've heard lots about), but unfortunately we got wrong information, and it was closed. Boo. But the kids handled it well, and even managed to entertain themselves while we waited in the parking lot for our ride home:

Don't worry, the "puppy" went away without any one touching him.

But then we came home, whipped up a a lunch, went swimming, decorated a Christmas tree, ate Christmas cookies (Corrine, you are the BEST!), listened to Christmas music, and had a fun day with our friends. Of course it was about an hour and 1/2 of running, jumping, and children trying to "help" by tangling the lights, dropping ornaments, and doing the Nutcracker dance up and down the hallway. But it was fun, and the tree has all the ornaments at the bottom, which is always beautiful:

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  1. Thanks for both of these snippets of your life. The tree trimming brought a tear to my eye!