Sunday, December 5, 2010

Successful Portuguese Customer Service Experience

We've been having problems with our internet the past few days. We could access Brazilian websites, but couldn't get on Facebook, Chase, I finally decided to call our Internet company, and they have an automated phone system (you know, press 1 if you are having technical problems, enter your account number). Well, I successfully managed the PORTUGUESE phone prompts, and even scheduled a visit from a technician. And he came! I thought it was kinda crazy that we could schedule it for 8 pm on a Saturday night (actually, between 8 pm and 11 pm), but he really came. Granted, he told us that the problem was with our router, and then Matt magically fixed it this morning. But I feel pretty proud that my Portuguese has gotten to the level where I could manage this, considering I couldn't even activate my credit card back in May!

I'm recovering today from my super long day at work, but I will report that all 6 classes did a great job singing their songs, looking cute, and wearing their cute Christmas outfits. Matt has a concert today, but I really have nothing planned. If it doesn't rain, maybe we'll go swimming. I need to get Sebastian some new shoes, but that will probably have to wait for another day. Heck, maybe I'll even make some Christmas cookies!! I must admit, it really doesn't feel like Christmas to me because it's getting so warm. Such a different experience. But Dora is busy making her Christmas gifts, and I'm trying to make my more real week of work, and then the real resting and relaxing can occur.

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