Thursday, February 23, 2012


On our way to the bloco on Tuesday, a gentleman approached us.

"American?" he asked.

"Yes...." I responded, hesitating a minute.

"Do you have a blog? Daily Mango?"

"Um, yes."

Wow. A very nice man who lives around the corner from us reads my blog, and recognized us. Maybe it was screaming children? The slightly-dented Fusca? The obnoxious family speaking English? I'm flattered. And I'm so sorry I already forgot your name, so send me an email when you can! srkelz at gmail dot com.


  1. Wo! I knew you were a celebrity, Shelley!!! I'm part of your FAN CLUB!

  2. That is so weird/cool!

    The world really is a small place!


  3. Wow, it's such a funny thing to read that post. I sometimes visit your blog, because I like reading blogs from foreigners living in Belo Horizonte. I also live in Serra and last friday (or thursday?), before Carnaval, around 6 p.m. I was walking in Estevão Pinto and I saw you with your 2 girls. I like watching people when I walk and I wouldn't say I would recognize you if you were alone, but when I saw your "ruivinha" (redhead? Google translator says so, but sounds weird) I definitely knew it was you!

    I'm a bit shy to stop you by, and I also wouldn't really know what to say - also don't know if it would bother you. But now I know you wouldn't mind! Lost the opportunity to be the one mentioned in that post heheheh I read your blog once in a while for a long time, and it was the first time I saw you - If I'm not mistaken, I left work much earlier that day and went to my gym in Olympico earlier also, so maybe it coincided with the hour the girls are returning from school.

    Anyway, that means you're more a celebrity than you think! =P

  4. Bruno: hello! Yes, that was me. It was the Friday before Carnaval, and I'd picked the girls up at school. How funny! Yes, my youngest is the ruivinha. She gets a lot of attention. I hope that our paths cross again! And next time you see me, don't be shy :-)