Monday, April 9, 2012

All in a days work

Creepy dolls.

They are just another part of the reality of living in Brazil. My fellow Brazilian blogger has documented this phenomena with much frightening detail.  And I've taken quite a few pictures on my cell phone, but they've never really turned out.

Until last Wednesday.  I was at school, walking the Nursery class back to their classroom, when I encountered this:

I almost screamed, but caught myself and made a very strange sound.  And you know what the 3 and 4 year olds did?  "Oooo, bonitinho!  Look at all the cute little babies."

We have a very different perspective on what cute is.  My Grandma Ryan used to have a thing against buying me stuffed animals, because she always said they were "homely."  Lord a-mercy, these baby dolls are HOMELY.

Props for being anatomically correct, but what's up with the wrinkles?  And I just noticed that the legs are a different color than the body.  Yikes!


  1. oohh come on they are cute! Except the last one, it should be a boy, not a girl! lol

  2. Oh my god. That last doll is just too much. To be honest though, I can't stop laughing looking at the thing.

    Maybe I'll bring some creepy dolls to give to people when I arrive in SP next year?

  3. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! I screamed when I saw your photos! The last one wins the creepy award. Why does a doll need that part?! And what's up with the weird wrinkles on it's stomach and legs?! I'm giving you the creepy baby doll award.

  4. Totally worth that coveted award! OMG that is so freaky!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why are they all naked? Put a nappy on or some clothes....

  6. It's funny you mention differences in what cultures perceive as cute or attractive (i.e. different standards of beauty).
    I brought back a can of "Toddy" to show people that Toddy is chocolate milk.. not a type of coffee like they serve at various cafés in AZ. My room mate's bf saw the picture of the cow on the can of Toddy and was really freaked out by it. It's supposed to be "cute" but, well... it's not! (

  7. LOVEEEEEE the post. It's soo true. When I lived in SP I loved going to 25 de Março around Christmas and watch all the fathers proudly carry these giant horribly terrifying dolls back home.. I know if I had gotten one of them I would have cried. For a culture that is so obsessed with looks, this surely does NOT extend to dolls.