Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, chicken?

Happy Easter morning!  The kids have already opened their large Brazilian chocolate eggs (this year we found out that a friend makes them herself!  So instead of shelling out R$75 at the drug store for crappy chocolate and cheap plastic toys, we paid her to make YUMMY eggs and we even got to choose our own filling).  The kids found the "easter eggs" the Easter bunny hid on the patio.  The broccoli quiches are made, green beans prepped, ham is seasoned and potatoes au gratin ready to go.

And as the hubby and I are sitting down to enjoy our 2nd cups  of coffee, we heard this.

And not just once but every 20 minutes or so.  So of course, we start playing the  "what the heck is that noise?" game.  My husband thinks it's someone's TV.  I think it's a car with BIG speakers on it, driving around the neighborhood to advertise...something.  Any other guesses?  If I hear it again, I'm going to go out and investigate.